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Next Day Delivery

Customers can place an online order or place orders at 918-520-4170.

Delivery Fee of $15 on floral arrangements less than $250 within Broken Arrow and Tulsa City Limits. ¡Limited Time Offer! 

Complementary delivery fees on floral arrangements $250 (and up) within Broken Arrow and Tulsa City Limits.

Request for specific deliveries times: 

Because of multiple variables, we are unable to guarantee deliveries at a specific time.  However, you can request a delivery time frame by filling in the special instruction box when completing your order, and we will do our best to deliver your arrangement within your preferred time frame. 

If the recipient is not home:

We will contact you if the recipient is not home unless you provide us with special instructions on your order form. If we miss you, we might leave the delivery in a safe place, such as the front porch or in a shaded area. 

Flowers Care and Handling

  1. Place your arrangement indoors, away from any direct sunlight, heating, or cooling vents. 
  2. Please don’t place them directly under ceiling fans.
  3. Keep the arrangement in a cool spot.
  4. For Signature Boxes, add a cup of water every other day from the top middle. 

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