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Sip & Bloom Party

Our venue accommodates gatherings of up to 20 guests. We provide tables and chairs draped in your choice of either elegant white or black tablecloths, complemented by pristine white chair covers. Adorning your tables are five medium fresh flower centerpieces, carefully selected to match your chosen colors.  

Delight in a delectable array of sandwiches, a vibrant vegetable tray, and a delicious fruit platter. Alongside some refreshing fruit cocktails or virgin mimosas perfect for your party of 20. 

Make your reservation in advance

Please allow 30 days for Reservation. A 50% non-refundable deposit secures your reservation, with the remaining balance due one week before your special event. 

Our all-inclusive package, encompassing these exquisite offerings, is priced at a remarkable $1450. Alternatively, a package without snacks, refreshments, and utensils is available at $1000.

Let us curate an unforgettable event, tailored to your desires.

Let us transform your event with our captivating arrangements that will resonate with the essence of any occasion.  Our passion lies in bringing your vision to life, from a romantic marriage proposal for the one you love to a “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” set up for that beautiful girl. Let us join you in bringing magic and beauty to those special events in your life. From vibrant centerpieces that draw attention to delicate accents that evoke emotion, our floral creations at Viva Gardens infuse your occasions with nature’s beauty leaving an undeniable impression on your guests.  

Contact our store at (918)520-4170 to ask about event decorations and prices 

Events that we have done: 

Marriage Propossal

Surround your cherished moment with the beauty and grace that define our floral arrangements. Our artistry weaves a story of romance, ensuring your proposal is a symphony of elegance, our creations set the stage for a lifetime of love between you and that special someone. 

Honeymoon suite decoration 

Elevate your romance to new heights with our floral artistry, designed to adorn honeymoon suites or hotel rooms. Let our floral creations strengthen the flames of your romance, decorating your space with the beauty that captures the essence of your love story. 

Package starting at $350 includes: 

24 roses delicately tethered to floating balloons, a “love” balloon, soft petals in the shape of a heart, a candlelit petal trail that guides to a bed, and a delicate heart shape with chocolates. 

Upgrades can include: a ramo buchon, chocolate covered strawberries, and more! 

Do you want to be my girlfriend? 

Elevate your “Quieres ser mi novia?” proposal with our exquisite floral arrangements. Entrust us to orchestrate the beauty of this special moment with our elegant booms that will ensure your heartfelt question is answered with a “yes.” Radiating romance, our artistry sets the stage for an enchanting moment that will begin a story of love. 

Themed Parties 

Transform your themed parties with our captivating floral arrangements. Whether mermaids, princesses, or winter wonderland is your party theme. Let our floral artistry weave nature’s wonders into your chosen theme. Guests will be in awe of the intricate beauty that our pieces create. 

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